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Believe it or not, the most reliable handyman service is located right here in our city! With an extensive service list of jobs to perform, its smart to call Agoura Hills Handyman services. Do you have a sink to fix?  How about a drain or plumbing that needs attention? Do you have maintenance that needs attention in your garage? Is the electrical in your home not up to code? Our technicians at Agoura Hills Handyman, as well as our partnering technicians at our Woodland Hills Handyman branch have been in the handyman business long enough to oversee the types of situations that we may encounter.

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Owning a home is a full time job or yet, its your own corporation that you need to run and maintain at full efficiency and you may not have all the expertise needed to get those projects around your home done or even started. So, when that thought occurs, and the urgency to have those projects or fix it jobs need attention, why not call our handyman to help you? We will send a handyman over right away. The cost of your home investment is too great to ignore and having a reliable handyman at your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can be an added plus to your handyman repair service needs.

Agoura Hills Handyman services can assist you with:

  1. Agoura Hills HandymanPainting
  2. Electrical
  3. Plumbing
  4. Carpentry
  5. Garbage Disposal Repair
  6. All Handyman Services
  7. Floor or Rug Improvements
  8. Energy Conservation
  9. Residential  Cleaning
  10. Handiwork for Homes

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Here at Agoura Hills Handyman, we are not only qualified to assist you with all that is mentioned but if needed, our handyman also are child safety and energy conservation minded. That means we can assist you by sending out a handyman who will  provide you with solutions to your home or office that will make it more safe for your family and pets. Our handyman will also provide solutions for energy efficiency throughout your home.

Agoura Hills Handyman will help maintain your investment

Maintaining your home can be a costly expense, so we have years of experience helping home owners of all size budgets get the most energy efficiency out of their homes. Our professional and reliable handyman services provide solutions for energy efficiency for lighting of your home indoors and out, we also provide solutions for water conservation and your water heater. Our 21 point by point inspection will provide you with details on how to proceed with your water efficiency needs that you probably don’t need to spend any more time or money on. Agoura Hills Handyman wants to help you get the most out of our service and our handyman can do that for you.

Agoura Hills Handyman will help maintain your investment

Our handyman can also assist you with your garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal that needs repair or replacement, give us a call for a free estimate for handyman services and we will have our handyman on his way.

Agoura Hills Handyman

Kitchen and bath remodels are no issue for our handyman. We can help re-paint that bathroom or re-tile and re-grout it as well. We can also replace that shower head that you have been avoiding to do yourself.  Let our handyman help you.

Here is what one customer is saying about the services:

“I own a home in Agoura Hills and I work all the time so when I have those home projects like changing out the garbage disposal in my kitchen or re-tiling  the kitchen floor I have my favorite handyman from Agoura Hills Handyman come over. He gives me a great rate due to my loyalty and he provides me with the services that I need around my home. Its a great return on my investment. I am completely satisfied with his work!”
Paula R. Agoura Home owner

Call Agoura Hills Handyman at (818) 294-7173

Let us help you on your next home fix it project today and receive our exclusive cash discounts when you call. Our friends at Calabasas Handyman are always available for handyman services if they seem closer to you. We are ready and waiting to send over a handyman.  Call us today for a free quote on providing handyman services that concentrate on helping you get the work done around your home.